GIO Ultron eScooter - Sunset Slate

$1,899.00 USD

Take the ultimate ride with a GIO Ultron!

  • No Driving License Needed - With the included pedals and lower top speed, the scooter doesn't classified as a motor vehicle, but as a power assisted bicycle thus you don't need a driving license to drive it!
  • Electric Powered - Don't spend money on gas! Our e-scooter is the cheapest and easiest way to travel around. No special charging station required, utilizes a standard 110V wall outlet.
  • Modern Design - Sleek modern design in 3 body colors w/ accent graphics. Enjoy the soft wider saddle for extra comfort.
  • Secure Storage Space - Each e-scooter is equipped with a lockable storage container at the back.
  • Ride for nearly 2 hours - A single charge of our scooter will produce a range of about 37 miles.
  • Peace of Mind - Each unit is equipped with a security alarm and NFC access.

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Battery 60V20AH Lead Acid
Rated Power 800w liquid cooled
Speed Up to 20mph
Range Up to 37 miles
Charge Time 6-8 hours
Brakes Inverted Hydraulic Disc 
Tires 3.1-10 Tubeless Tires
Load Capacity 300lbs