Feel the wind, feel the freedom...

with a license free GIO e-scooter

GIO Electric is proudly owned by GVA Brands Corporation, a Canadian company. For the past 20 years, we have been building ATVs, electric scooters, mobility scooters, and electric bikes for 75000+ happy families and friends. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


in "Velvet Cinnabar"

in "Frosted Obsidian"

in "Viridian Cobalt"

Redefining Mobility for a Sustainable Future - Go Electric with GIO.

GIO is not just about electric bikes, it's about the freedom to move with style and ease, while reducing your carbon footprint, and experiencing the thrill of the ride like never before - join the GIO revolution today!

New Arrival!!! - GIO Ultron

in "Glacial Onyx"

in "Seaspray Salt"

in "Sunset Slate"

Style & Storage

Each GIO e-scooter is not only designed to look good but also include the secure storage space(s) you need.

"I'm loving my Phoenix so far. I've been using it after class for a delivery side hustle. The storage box helps with deliveries and tips have paid off most of the scooter so far."
— - Amanda H.
"Got one for me and the Mrs. We get out more and I don't have any pain like when we used to ride bikes. Nice comfy seat on it."
— Hugh J.