GIO - Italia Ultra

$1,899.00 USD


Battery 60V20AH Lead Acid
Motor Permanent Magnetic 800w LSM
Controller 60V35A
Range Up to 70 km
Top Speed Up to 50 km/h* - See Details Below
Charge Time 5 - 6 Hours
Brakes Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc
Shocks Front Inverted Double Tube
Rear Double Shock


Top Speed VS Battery Level

The GIO Italia Ultra, like any vehicle will perform differently under different operating conditions. Factors such as rider weight (tested at 80kg/175lbs), road conditions (terrain, slope, outside temperature), and operating conditions (speed, start/stop, throttle usage, etc) can effect performance either above or below listed specifications for speed and range. Please also note the estimated performance based on scooter battery capacity.

Battery Level Estimated Top Speed
@ 80%
45-48 km/h (28-31 mph)
@ 20%
35 km/h (22 mph)
Batteries should be charged after normal use or immediately when at 20% or below