Cobra Specifications

Rated Motor Power 1000W 6X Liquid Cooling Motor
Battery 36V12AH Lead Acid Battery
Charge Time 6-8hrs
Brakes (Front/Rear) Disc
Lights LED
Suspension Front & Rear Shocks
Tires 15" outside diameter, 2.5" width ,10"rim
Top Speed 18 MPH (29 km/hr)
Range Up to 12 miles (20 km)
Weight (w/battery) 100lbs (45kg)
Dimensions 52"x10"x45"(132x25x114cm)
Seat height adjustable 31" - 37" (80cm - 94cm)
Max rider weight 200lbs (90kg)

Here's How Cobra Electric Scooter Compare to Others

Rosso Cobra e-scooter with seat Standard e-scooter with seat
Motor power 1000W 200 - 500W
Battery 36V. Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge at 18 mph 24V. Only ride up for up to 1 hour on a single charge at 15 mph
Top Speed 18 mph (30 km/hr) 12 - 22 mph (19 - 33 km/hr)
Tires All terrain rubber tires 10” Standard rubber tires 5” - 8”
Maximum range 12 miles (20 km) 10 miles (17 km)
Suspension Shock-absorbent suspension (front and rear) No suspension
Lights Real LED stoplights at the front for extra safety and visibility Standard lights
Seat height Adjustable 31" - 37" (80cm - 94cm) Adjustable only 20”-24” (50 cm - 60 cm)
Charging time 6 hours for a full charge 18 - 12 hours a full charge
Service and Parts Parts for all units in stock even after the warranty Have to buy a new unit

Ride through dirt and snow.

Ride for hours.

Not just 15 mins.

Compact. Versatile. Foldable.

Adjustable seat

comfort & balance

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